AUTHOR:  Jeremy Henderson, V.P. of Communications, V.P. of Missions Mobilization

From the time of intimate fellowship together, to the touching stories from foreign soil, to theheart-felt exhortation from our leadership, the night was unforgettable.   Our missionaries who joined our event from the USA, Russia, the Philippines, and Thailand loved the opportunity to get face-to-face with both our established partners and with our new friends. 

We were especially honored to have Sheriff John Rutherford in attendance, and Casey DeSantis, host of First Coast Living, served as our Master of Ceremonies. The "Tears of the Saints" performance by the East Coast Ballet, dramatic play written especially for the event and performed by Go To Nations missionaries, and the REACH Campaign Finale Video, produced by Building a Difference, provided an multi-sensory experience of why we go as an organization. 

At the event, Dr. Jerry Williamson, President of Go To Nations, spoke boldly, and passionately on the vital necessity of partnership in completing the Great Commission.  During this time, he highlighted sobering statistics: “Everyday 100,000 people die without Christ, and 45,000 of them have never heard the gospel message—not one time. For every throw-away child that Go To Nations rescues, for every husband that Go To Nations can impart dignity by showing him a new way to provide for his family, for every new Bible School student that Go To Nations graduates . . . there are countless opportunities in all these areas of ministry that are at our fingertips.”  The response from our partners was powerful – $131,000 was received in gifts and pledges!  The undeniable call the nations is our imperative, and we are believing that we will receive the remaining $69,000 to reach our goal of $200,000.

“SAVE THE DATE”: A 2016 Go To Nations Experience is scheduled for Friday, April 15, 2015.