On October 7, 1992, I suddenly heard the audible voice of God say three times, "FROM THIS TINY LITTLE NATION, REVIVAL BREAKS FORTH THAT SHAKES ALL OF LATINAMERICA." I was overwhelmed in His presence and began to weep. I then experienced a baptism of His love for the people of Costa Rica and all of Latin America. Our lives were changed forever!  

We are seasoned missionaries who have been serving primarily in Costa Rica for over 20 years while being prepared and preparing the way of the Lord for His revival. It has begun in Costa Rica in a church that we helped plant and will soon spread through out Costa Rica then go forth to shake all of Latin America as the Lord said.

How is He doing it? SELAH Bible School equips the saints for the work of the ministry.HOME GROUPS allow the saints to minister the revival and we are seeing God do great things such as salvations through friendship evangelism, making disciples through relationships, healings, miracles and more! Lastly, the Lord is beginning to raise up MISSIONARIES to take His revival to other nations! The Costa Rican is very tender-hearted and humble before the Lord and many feel a mission's call upon their life.