The Axene family ministers in prisons around the globe where hundreds of thousands of children grow up with their mothers and fathers who have been sentenced for their crimes. Many of which are survival crimes such as stealing food to feed their family. Their children's only crime is that they have a sentenced mother or father. These children grow up without freedom, without toys, and without hope. They are called The Invisibles. 

The Axenes have founded Invisible Friend so that they can go into these prisons and bring these children hope. It all begins with a pair of dolls that have no face. One doll is given to a partner who purchases the set and commits to pray for the child who receives its mate. This way the second doll is then taken into a prison and given to a child at no cost. Through such a simple gift as a doll, the children are taught that they are not invisible, that they have a face and a name, and that the greatest invisible friend they could have is named Jesus Christ. 


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