The Adoradas have been serving in the Philippines as children’s ministers since 2008. From then on they have become prominent in fighting for the cause of the children and the lost. Nomil is heading the Children's Ministry at Sonshine Center which includes the “Kidz Club,” that teaches children lessons from the Bible, reinforced with games and memory verses. The “After School Program” caters to the kids’ spirituality and social exposure. These programs have reached 300 kids up to date. Valerie is handling the Scholarship Program for 83 children from all levels - pre-school to college. She is facilitating activities and programs geared towards their educational, physical, emotional and spiritual development. She also gives their parents seminars and education about parenting and home management. Along with their two young daughters, Nianne and Noelle, they spearhead children’s camps all over Panay. They accept invitations from school, churches and other organizations.